Case Studies

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  • How a Profitable Hobby Led to a Financial Opportunity

    Dr. F., a retired physician, wants to know how he can share his income with his grandchildren in a tax-efficient manner.

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  • When is the right time to retire?

    How One Physician is Transitioning to Retirement. Dr. C, a 62-year-old family physician, the answer may be: not yet.

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  • Can a young physician start a family and avoid debt?

    Dr. B, a 29-year-old family physician in Quebec, worries about balancing maternity leave with her financial goals.

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  • Is incorporation the right choice?

    Dr. A, a 37-year-old family physician in Toronto, wonders whether incorporation is a worthwhile strategy.

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  • Financial advice helped this client recover from one financial mistake, and avoid another

    Dr. E counts himself among the lucky ones. After overcoming a financial setback in his early 40s, he nearly made a colossal mistake a decade later that could still be affecting him.

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  • How One Physician Used Her Locum Experiences to Get a Financial Head Start

    A locum tenens is an ideal way to gain experience in a variety of settings while giving yourself a financial head start, but it also comes with some unique financial challenges.

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