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  • How Canadian physicians are preparing for retirement

    How Canadian physicians are preparing for retirement

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  • Estate planning for incorporated physicians

    Estate planning for incorporated physicians

    This guide gives you an overview of estate planning and explains how you can minimize taxes at death.

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  • Sharing the wealth: why it pays to donate private shares to charity in your estate plan

    If you are an incorporated physician, you can reduce the tax burden on your estate by donating shares from your private corporation

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  • Why You Need An Estate Plan

    Estate planning is about ensuring that your assets are distributed in the way you wish and minimizing the burden on your loved ones after you pass away. One of the most important aspects of estate...

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  • Benefits of Inter Vivos Trusts—Examples in Action

    Inter vivos trusts—created during your lifetime, as opposed to taking effect after death—are chosen for a variety of reasons. Two of the most common reasons are tax efficiency and personal needs,...

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  • What Is Estate Planning?

    Estate planning is the proactive, systematic process of “putting your affairs in order” so you can minimize the impact (includes tax, legal, accounting and administrative costs) on your estate...

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  • Your Estate Planning FAQ

    Creating, maintaining and executing a formal estate plan are important for most people. In addition to learning about the reasons why you need an estate plan, there are other related issues you...

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  • Do Young Physicians Need an Estate Plan?

    To most young adults starting out in their careers, estate planning seems like something for much older and much wealthier people. But even if you don’t have a long list of potential heirs or much...

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  • Why You Don’t Want to Die Without a Will

    When you think of preparing a will, what’s your first reaction: relief that you already have one, or embarrassment that you don’t?  Dying without a will (known as dying “intestate”) can have...

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  • Have a Professional Assist You as the Executor of an Estate

    Estate settlement often involves an array of technical and emotional issues. While it may seem like a privilege to be named an executor, the task also comes with significant responsibilities. An...

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  • Your Checklist of Executor Duties

    While you may consider it an honour to be named the executor of an estate, do you know how to handle the role? Many people find the responsibilities of executorship difficult to manage. The...

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  • Support Your Heirs With a Testamentary Trust

    Your goal may be to leave your loved ones with enough money to live comfortably after you are gone. But a direct gift of your estate may leave such funds accessible to creditors or others, subject...

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  • The Final Log-in: Estate Planning for Your Digital Assets

    In a world where technology is a dominant feature of life, estate planning no longer entails simply leaving a key to a safety deposit box. Along with accumulating tangible belongings, most people...

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  • Are Spousal Trusts Right For You?

    How you transfer your assets to your loved ones after you are gone is as important as how you built those assets during your lifetime. Spousal trusts created in your will can protect your spouse’s...

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  • Appoint a Corporate Executor to Administer Your Estate

    While many people would be honoured to be named by a family member or close friend as the executor of their estate, the responsibility is much larger and more complex than it may seem at first...

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  • Protect Your Incorporated Estate Assets to Ensure Your Loved Ones Are Taken Care Of

    Estate planning can often seem complicated, especially when you’re dealing with an incorporated practice. When you set up your corporation, you knew what you hoped to achieve—higher savings, lower...

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  • Common Uses of a Trust

    While there are many types of trusts, they share a common purpose: to help protect your beneficiaries and effectively transfer property. Everyone has specific reasons for setting up a trust. Here...

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  • Protect Your Loved Ones with Inter Vivos Trusts

    Trusts created during your lifetime, called “inter vivos trusts,” have a natural link to estate planning. They are a means of settling assets today, while at the same time considering the...

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  • The Benefits of Alter Ego Trusts and Joint Partner Trusts

    Seniors look for estate planning options beyond wills and powers of attorney1 (POA) because they wish to enhance security and protection regarding how their accumulated assets are passed along to...

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  • Use a Henson Trust to Protect Your Special-Needs Child

    Provincial disability benefits can help you look after your child financially and can provide other indirect benefits, such as access to special services. However, you may still worry about what...

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