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Changing seasons, changing perspectives

At MD Financial Management, we believe that health and wellness are life’s most valuable assets. That’s why, in addition to our personal finance and investing stories, we aim to share interesting, practical information and tips to help you enjoy all of life’s possibilities.

October is the month in which we give thanks for the harvest — and breathtaking colours of autumn. But it can be bittersweet, putting some of us in a darker mood as the days get shorter.

This month, we offer you some tips on how to take care of your mental health and that of your loved ones; ideas for outings that will allow you to enjoy the beauty of the landscape; and tools to help you prepare for the federal election.

Changing your perspective

World Mental Health Day is October 10. On this occasion, the World Health Organization is encouraging everyone to take “40 seconds of action” for suicide prevention. With anxiety wreaking more and more havoc, it’s affecting people of all ages. This TED Talk by Johann Hari shares new insights from experts around the world on the causes of depression and anxiety, and emerging solutions.

Changing leaves

To help lift your spirits, put on your hiking boots and discover the hiking trails. If you can make it to New England, you’ll discover why leaf peeping and foliage tours have been raking in billions of tourism dollars. If you’re looking to share reviews and be part of the hiking community, check out AllTrails.

Changing leaders?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with information about the October 21 federal election, a few shortcuts will help you get a clearer picture. The lazy voter’s guide to Canada’s 2019 federal election provides a summary of what you need to know. You can also try the Vote Compass tool to see how your views align with those of the parties. Finally, visit Elections Canada for everything you need to know about where, when and how to vote.