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Leadership changes at MD Financial Management

A couple of years ago, my wife and I became grandparents when one of our four daughters and her husband welcomed a son. As you can appreciate, this prompted a conversation about when we would shift into the next phase of our lives. Together, we decided I would retire as CEO of MD Financial Management in early 2020—a plan I openly shared with both Human Resources and my leadership team.

That decision has turned out to be the right one. It has given me time to be part of some remarkable progress at MD including creating unique solutions in our MD PlatinumTM Global Private Equity Pool and MD PlatinumTM Global Real Estate Pool and our first ever Physician Council. It also meant I could act as a steadying hand during MD’s acquisition, ensuring continuity for our people while partnering with Scotiabank® to deliver even more physician-focused benefits..

From the outset, I was completely transparent about my timing with Alex Besharat, Scotiabank’s Senior Vice President and Head of Canadian Wealth Management. We agreed that the best leader for MD’s next phase would embody the DNA that makes MD so unique and have the vision to chart a bold new path forward.

I would like to share that Daniel Labonté, currently MD’s Executive Vice President of Client Engagement and Experience, is our wholehearted choice, and will assume the CEO role of MD Financial Management on November 1, 2019. I will assist with the transition until February 29, 2020.

Daniel has built his expertise in financial services over his 20 years with MD. He has skillfully led several functions, from technology, to marketing, to client engagement and experience. He is a person who believes in the power of trust, in cultivating deep relationships, and in always striving to achieve more. He is passionate about MD’s mission to help Canada’s physicians achieve financial well-being and it’s a commitment both professional and personal—Daniel’s own daughter is in her second year of medical school.

I have worked closely with Daniel over the years and I’m confident these qualities set a strong foundation for him to lead MD into the future. He will focus on staying true to what makes MD so different and help drive the firm forward as we continue to deliver new and innovative value to physicians and their families under the MD brand.

So, what’s next for me? The family farm we acquired a few years ago is beginning to take shape and we’ll reside there. We have plans to winter in Florida and travel to Japan. We welcomed our second grandchild last week (a healthy baby girl) and expect another in November, so we’ll spend time visiting with our daughters and helping with their growing families.

As I move into this next phase of my journey, I would like to thank you, and the people of MD, for providing what has been a profoundly meaningful career experience. To shape and lead a firm of highly skilled people who operate from their values, in service of people who provide world-class care for us and our families—it has been an honour and a privilege.