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What do you wish someone told you before your first day of medical school?

While at the Canadian Federation of Medical Students Spring General Meeting, we asked current medical students what piece of advice they wish they had prior to starting medical school?


What do you wish someone told you before your first day of medical school?

I wish someone told me how fast it really goes and to just enjoy every little bit of it.

I wish before I started medical school someone told me to stop being terrified and to just start enjoying the ride.

Medical school accepts people from such diverse backgrounds right.

It's really interesting and it's a really great time for you to get to know the diversity of people around you.

A lot of people there are going to be super friendly and don't worry too much about making friends within the first week because you have four years to do that.

Try to take charge and try everything that you possibly can.

Medicine is a team sport and so as you start going through your first weeks and months of medical school - realize that these are your future colleagues as well.

Be open and trying new experiences that you wouldn't necessarily think you would do the first place.

The great memories that you make in medical school really don't come from any of the lecture halls or seminars or the labs or anything like that but really the the connections that you make with folks both in your own class and really throughout clinics and preceptors and all the wonderful humans that get to come into your life in medicine.

It's normal not to know everything and it's part of a big process of being okay with uncertainty and that's how you investigate and develop your knowledge a little bit more.

Medical school is very demanding. It requires a lot of time and energy and attention and we're not the only ones who make those sacrifices.

The people who are closest to us make that sacrifice as well in terms of tolerating our increased absences in their lives.

There are two things I would say.

The first is don't stop doing the things that you were doing before you got into medical school.

The second thing is that don't doubt yourself.

There's a lot of really amazing people who get admitted into medical school and it's not luck that you got in - you've worked really hard.

You earned your spot and don't ever forget that because it's very easy to have impostor syndrome and feel like you don't belong because everyone else is so amazing.

But you are amazing too and you bought in for a really good reason.

So just keep that in the back your head all the time.