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What type of investor are you?

What type of investor are you infographic

Are you comfortable making investment decisions?

  • Absolutely, I enjoy DIY investing
  • Yes, if I have the right guidance
  • Not really (or don't have time)


Do you want investment and portfolio advice?

  • No, I'd rather do my own research and analysis to take my own approach
  • Yes, I value advice and recommendations.


Do you want to be involved in the details of managing your portfolio?

  • Yes, as long as I can get professional advice from someone who understands my needs and situation
  • No. It's worth my time to have a professional advise me and invest on my behalf


Would you use digital tools and advice to oversee your portfolio and reduce costs?

  • Yes, I like the efficiency of investing online, but still have access to support when needed
  • No thanks. I want one-on-one advice to set up and monitor my portfolio, and a dedicated advisor who knows me


Your Results

Hands-on trainer

Needs a low-cost way to access real time data, leading market research and a top-ranked trading platform to invest directly in stocks, bonds, exchange traded funds and other assets

Based on your result, we recommend Scotia iTRADE. Discount brokerage with low commission structure and access to a wide variety of investment research tools


Connected multi-tasker

Wants an efficient way to invest in goal-driven, custom portfolios online, with tools to monitor and portfolios that automatically rebalance and adjust - backed by human support if needed.

Based on your result, we recommend MD ExO Direct. Manage your MD Precision Portfolios™ with smart, automated online guidance.


Collaborative decider

Prefers to work directly with a trusted investment professional, face-to-face, for personalized advice with access to financial expertise that can address personal and business needs.

Based on your result, we recommend MD Plus account. Build a valuable, ongoing relationship with an experienced MD Advisor to benefit from personalized investment advice and wealth management. You'll have a full choice of investment options to meet all your financial needs.


Self-assured delegator

Wants to focus on personal or professional goals, rather than spend time managing a complex investment portfolio. Prefers to have a dedicated, professional Portfolio Manager make day-to-day decisions.

Based on your result, we recommend MD Private Investment Counsel. Delegate discretionary investment management to a professional MDPIC Portfolio Manager dedicated to your goals.