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Where were you when you found out you got into medical school?

While at the Canadian Federation of Medical Students Spring General Meeting, we asked current medical students where they were when they found out they got into medical school?


Where were you when you found out you got into medical school?

I had just woken up, and I picked up my phone - like you do every morning - and I'm just looking at it.

I scroll down and it said admissions office and right then I just started screaming.

I was like "oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!"

I opened the email [and] found out I got into the Northern Ontario School of Medicine.

I was at the library studying for a final physics exam.

I started to cry and everybody around me, were just strangers, and they all looked really concerned and I just walked out of the library and went to call my parents

I was in my basement. I had a big immunology test the next day.

I got an email that came from the University, so I didn't know if I should look at it right away but I did and I think I kind of blanked out after that to be perfectly honest with you.

But I remember, kind of, dropping my computer on the floor and I went to tell my parents right away.

I was teaching science up north in Stoney Rapids, Saskatchewan.

The community of people that were up there recognized that it was something really special to me and had me over for supper and were celebrating with me.

At English Bay, which is a beach in Vancouver, because the morning that results were coming out, I decided to go on a bike ride and so I decided - like before results came out [at] 8 a.m, I was gonna leave my house go for a bike ride along Stanley Park and then by the time I got to English Bay I would then check my email there.

Like that was like my plan.

I was in Montreal doing my master's in epidemiology and I waited until the end of the day so I could get home from school and I opened it by myself in my bedroom.

It's the honest truth. Is that weird to say?