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Introducing the MD Physician Council

A group of professionals in a conference room at dusk.

As we kicked off the summer of 2018, I made a commitment to you that MD Financial Management would remain the same objective company you’ve come to know and trust. That we would have the same values and mandate. That we would remain independent and continue to operate with physicians’ interests at the heart of every decision.

At the same time, I invited you to let us know what you were thinking and how you were feeling. Over the past few months, many of you have done just that. And, we’ve spent time listening. I’d like to thank you for your candour, and for your continued trust and patience.

What we heard—loud and clear—is that you have questions and concerns about our path forward, and whether we will truly remain dedicated to the financial well-being of Canadian physicians. We heard that you need to feel confident that the voices of Canadian physicians are being heard and to know that we’re prioritizing what matters most to you. To demonstrate how committed we remain to doing just that, I’m pleased to announce that we’re launching a new physician council.

The MD Physician Council will be made up of a diverse group of family physicians, specialists and other key influencers at different stages of their careers, representing all regions of the country. This group will help us better understand trends in the healthcare industry and the pain points physicians experience during each life stage. This first-hand insight will directly influence the products and services we offer. We want to make decisions with you—not for you. 

We are still working out details, including the mandate, composition and the process for appointments. While our goal is to have the council in place as quickly as possible, we want to be thoughtful and strategic in our approach, and will take the time necessary to ensure that the right framework is in place. We will keep you informed on our progress.

I hope you’ll agree that the MD Physician Council is a positive step forward in keeping MD at the forefront of the industry, with a finger on the pulse of what matters to you, our clients. We will always be dedicated to physicians, from medical school to retirement—and I’m confident that the Council will ensure your voice is reflected in each of our decisions.