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Not all digital investing platforms are made equal

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Savvy investors looking for a convenient way to manage their investments and who want to pay lower fees along the way are looking more closely at digital investing platforms like MD ExO® Direct. These platforms are designed for investors of all ages who are looking for a middle ground between do-it-yourself investing and the full-service, advisor led approach.

If you're looking for a new way to manage your investments that better suits your lifestyle and needs, lower fees, or a new tool to try as part of your overall investment strategy, you should consider using a digital investing platform like MD ExO Direct.

Easy to use, digital and low cost

In a nutshell, these platforms use technology to automate the investment process. The platform can gather details about your financial situation and build suitable portfolios to help you achieve your investment goals. The digital technology keeps costs down which can be passed along to you by way of lower fees.

Digital investing can still be comprehensive investing

First, MD ExO Direct determines your financial situation, preferences and helps you define your investment goals using an online questionnaire. It then uses your responses to recommend a portfolio that will meet your objectives. Contrary to popular belief, neither a robot nor an artificial intelligence is managing your investments. Behind MD ExO Direct is a specialized team of people—including investment management professionals and advisors.

Once you're invested, MD ExO Direct then automatically makes short-term, tactical portfolio adjustments as markets conditions change and regularly rebalances your portfolio to ensure the asset mix of your investments remain aligned with your goals. MD ExO Direct monitors your portfolio and market trends so you don't need to.

At any point, if you require assistance, you can reach out to your MD Advisor (if you have one) or the MD ExO Direct team by phone, email or live chat.

The digital investment platform built for doctors

MD ExO Direct is a digital investment management platform designed exclusively for Canadian physicians and their families. Beyond portfolios that reflect your preferences—we still exclude investments in companies that manufacture tobacco or tobacco-related products—you can use an array of specifically designed financial tools and calculators. Finally, you can access physician specific advice, comprehensive wealth planning, high quality service and low costs—fees are automatically reduced as your account balance increases.

Can your digital investment platform do this?

There are a lot of digital investing options available in Canada but not all of them are made equal. MD ExO Direct could be a great alternative if it makes sense for you.

  • It is the only digital investment platform in Canada to offer the flexibility to choose between portfolios built with active funds and passive, index-based solutions—or both. Invest the way you want.
  • Along with regular rebalancing of your portfolio to ensure your investments remain aligned to your goals, MD ExO Direct portfolios automatically make short-term, tactical portfolio adjustments as markets conditions change.
  • Access human advice and assistance through your MD Advisor or the MD ExO Direct team when you need it. Additionally, check the status of your portfolio at any time online and make changes as you see fit.
  • Receive a complete financial review and plan when you sign up for MD ExO Direct.
  • Combine digital investing with traditional advice. Choose from and combine services (discount brokerage, advisor led, fully discretionary portfolio management) based on your needs, your goals, and how involved you want to be in the decision-making process.
  • Low fees that are highly competitive.
  • Only requires a $25 minimum investment.

If you're interested in an easy-to-use, digital and low cost way to choose and manage your investments, contact your MD Advisor or visit My MD to sign up today. For more information about MD ExO Direct, download our e-book, Understanding robo-advisors: Is low-cost, digital investing with advice right for you?


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