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As physician burnout persists in Canada, we mustn’t lose sight of COVID’s impact on healthcare professionals

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We convened the MD Physician Council once again to discuss some ongoing initiatives including an in-depth presentation on the MD Platinum Global Private Credit PoolTM.

Across Canada, the conversation around the pandemic we’ve all been living with has shifted to vaccine rollouts and economic reopenings. As a result, the discourse around the tireless work and stress experienced by our physicians is likely to fade. But, as we also heard in our meeting, such a changing focus belies the hardships our healthcare professionals continue to face on the front lines and in the wake of COVID.

In fact, our members suggested that physician burnout may be a more acute issue right now than during the height of the pandemic. The cumulative effects of the past 18 months have taken their toll, while physicians are still unable to easily care for patients, navigating long wait lists and facing ongoing difficult work.

We need to remember what you, our clients, have done over the course of this pandemic, and that these ongoing efforts have left you and your family in a difficult place. We must try to understand what is needed now in this unique time. To that end, I promise that our organization will hunt for ways, big and small, to give you the support you richly deserve.

Knowing physicians best

I’d be remiss in not thanking our employees here at MD for their tireless efforts this past year, despite everyone’s personal challenges throughout the pandemic, to help our clients alleviate at least their financial burdens during such difficult times. Our business results this year are strong and our client base is growing — a testament to what makes MD unique and different: we know physicians best.

As we look ahead to the next quarter, we’re working on our return to office strategy and resuming face-to-face meetings, carefully balancing input from all employees, clients and of course government officials. Still, whether remote or in-person, our focus on value creation, on innovating, on improving the experience for our clients, and employees, remains true.

As always, if you have feedback, questions or ideas to share, please contact your MD Advisor* or reach out directly to our Physician Council at


* MD Advisor refers to an MD Management Limited Financial Consultant or Investment Advisor (in Quebec), or an MD Private Investment Counsel Portfolio Manager.

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