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MD Financial Management expands private asset solutions for physicians

MD Financial Management Inc. (MD) today announced the expansion of its investment platform with the introduction of the MD Platinum™ Global Private Credit Pool to better help physicians and their families achieve their financial goals.

In this historically low interest rate environment, private credit provides an opportunity to diversify and seeks to enhance clients’ portfolio returns, while preserving capital and reducing volatility.

“MD is proud to offer this added choice to physicians and their families who are invested for the long term. The new solution allows them to benefit from non-traditional investments that have long been the exclusive privilege of institutional investors,” says Craig Maddock, Vice President, Senior Portfolio Manager and Head of the Multi-Asset Management team at MD.

The MD Platinum™ Global Private Credit Pool will invest primarily in a portfolio of senior secured direct loans to medium-sized businesses across North America and Europe, not only seeking to offer an attractive source of return but also supporting business activity and, in turn, economic growth in these regions.

Having successfully overseen more than $3.5 billion in privately negotiated loans and global fixed income markets, MD’s Multi-Asset Management team leverages this expertise and applies its time-tested management approach. We manage the portfolio with the goal to include the most attractive lending opportunities by identifying geographic and business exposures that are aligned with our target objectives; and we partner with the asset managers that are best suited to fund the diverse set of loans.

With private credit further improving the potential for higher returns in a low interest rate environment while mitigating volatility, MD remains true to its decades-long commitment to the financial well-being of physicians and their families, keeping their specific career and life goals at the centre of our considerations.

MD Platinum™, offered through the services of the MD Private Investment Counsel, invests in a range of non-traditional, institutional-quality investment vehicles that are generally unavailable to individual investors, including private equity and private real estate.

The MD Platinum™ Global Private Credit Pool is the third private asset pool offered exclusively to physicians and their families. It follows on the launch of the MD Platinum Global Real Estate Pool in 2019 and the MD Platinum Global Private Equity Pool in 2018.

To learn more about the MD Platinum™ Global Private Credit Pool and MD’s approach, visit

About MD Financial Management Inc.
With more than 50 years of physician-focused experience, MD Financial Management Inc. (MD) is dedicated to providing financial peace of mind to Canada’s physicians and their families, so they can enjoy what matters most to them while achieving their career and life goals. MD had more than $57 billion in assets under management as of February 16, 2021. MD Management Limited was the first of the MD Group of Companies to be founded, in 1969. MD Financial Management Inc. wholly owns or has a majority interest in its seven subsidiaries (the MD Group of Companies). It provides financial products and services, is the fund manager for the MD Family of Funds and offers investment counselling services. For a detailed list of the MD Group of Companies, visit


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