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MD Physician Council caps off 2021

For the past two years, our team has met quarterly with the MD Physician Council. Our group met again in December to help ensure MD’s efforts today, and plans for the future, stay tied to what our clients truly want and need.

In our last Council meeting of 2021, we explored key ways that MD can solidify our focus on delivering better financial outcomes for physicians. This included:

  • a discussion on our partnerships with medical associations and other organizations across Canada and our approach to best serve the real-time needs of physicians and get them the answers and support they need.
  • how we are using the expanded strengths and capacity of MD and Scotiabank to pursue new avenues to innovation and build better customized portfolios and flexible strategies that can evolve with changing times.
  • making decisions and executing strategies guided by what makes MD different: delivering financial peace of mind to physicians and their families.
  • building greater financial literacy among physicians through a wide range of materials, videos and e-courses.

We formed this committee because we realized that, in order to serve physicians as well as possible, we needed to understand what was happening in real time within the medical community. As it turned out, that need grew substantially as the pandemic took hold – and continues to do so – into this new year.

Council members have underscored for us the deep impact of COVID, opening an intimate window for us beyond the news headlines. This has included the widespread, incalculable problem of burnout amidst long wait lists, fractured care teams and systems, virtual care and difficult work conditions.

During such times, the Council has helped us stay on track with what we can do as Canada’s only financial institution devoted to physicians and their families. This is a position that we hold close, and we were so pleased this spring when an Ipsos surveyshowed that MD has a strong reputation among clients and non-clients, particularly in trust, favourability and advocacy.

As we welcome in 2022 and stay hopeful for some respite from the events of the past two years, I want to thank Canada’s medical community for their momentous efforts, and I want to thank our MD Physician Council for helping guide our ship these past two years.



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