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MD’s Physician Council weighs in on exciting developments ahead

There is nothing quite like summer in Canada. Even as we enjoy the pleasures of the season, the challenges of COVID-19 are still very much a reality for our healthcare community. As always, MD Financial Management (MD) remains steadfast in our support for, and our commitment to, the ongoing needs of Canada’s physicians and their families.

Our MD Physician Council met once again in June to discuss our products and services and key initiatives — including new and exciting developments —  to ensure MD is always aligned with what matters most to Canada’s physicians and their families.

Supporting new clients

On My MD, our secure online platform, we shared a demo of our new page that’s been designed specifically for physicians new to MD and those who might be considering joining us. This interactive page provides an overview of what new clients will experience when they engage with MD and start down their financial planning road. It also highlights a suite of personalized tools. Our goal is to make sure new clients and anyone interested in potentially becoming an MD client will experience an easy, effective and transparent experience with our company.

Medicus Pension Plan

Excitement around the Medicus Pension Plan continues to grow across the country. In our last update we shared early high engagement rates; since then, we’ve continued to work with our partner associations to make the offering as inclusive as possible.

A recent poll conducted by MD with over 300 physicians demonstrated growing awareness of the Medicus Pension Plan and confirmed their understanding of the unique benefits of Medicus to Canada’s physicians. A key statistic that jumped out at me is that 93% of participants agree that physicians should have access to a high-quality pension plan built specifically for them. We expect to launch Medicus in 2023, subject to applicable regulatory approvals.

Listening to clients

MD conducts ongoing market research to better understand how it is perceived in the physician market. Recently, a new study was released, and while MD isn’t ranked publicly it validated MD’s longstanding reputation as top in client satisfaction relative to our peers.

This is a testament to our clients feeling safe with MD, finding that we provide security and the assurance that their finances are in good hands. In addition, clients also feel confident and successful and trust that they will attain their financial goals with MD. Still, we recognize there is always room for improvement and continue to enhance Advisor support and communication with clients, particularly when it comes to investment fees. It is incumbent on us to ensure clients properly understand investment fees and Advisors can help by answering questions and clarifying any concerns clients have.

Keeping a dynamic Council 

We continue to work with the Council to ensure that MD knows and serves physicians and their families better than any other financial institution does. This fall three Council members will complete their term and we will welcome three new members. As always, we strive to have a group of physicians with diverse interests, specialties, financial knowledge and geographical location, as well as having representation of all stages of the physician life cycle — from residency to retirement. We are also excited — for the first time in over two years — to reunite in-person for the next Council meeting in the fall. This is such a special group, unique in the industry, and we are so grateful for the time and insights our Council members have afforded MD.

Wishing all a safe and pleasant summer.