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MD ServiceCentre outperforms world-class call centres in customer satisfaction survey

The MD ServiceCentre has ranked higher on a customer satisfaction survey than the average world-class call centre.

The Service Quality Measurement Group (SQM), which measures client satisfaction in service providers’ call centres, recognized MD ServiceCentre for achieving higher than the "average world class service centre" through a survey benchmarking MD Physician Services against more than 450 contact centres.

Out of 10 key performance indicators, MD ServiceCentre not only outperformed the average survey results for wealth management call centres: it also ranked higher than the combined average of world-class call centres.

Of particular note, 88% of survey participants confirmed that MD ServiceCentre resolved their inquiries in just one call: ranking much higher than the 77% average for financial services companies, and the 82% average for world-class call centres.

The MD ServiceCentre receives more than 10,000 calls every month from physicians who are CMA members and clients of MD Physician Services, as well as their family members.

To reach the MD ServiceCentre, please call 1 800 267-2332.