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The Death of Dr. John Evans

Dr. John Evans, a much-respected member of the Canadian Medical Association Holdings (CMAH) Board of Directors from 2005 to 2011, passed away recently at the age of 85. In his time with the Board, Dr. Evans sat as a physician Director, as well as the chair of the Human Resources and Compensation Committee.

“Dr. Evans was an incredibly accomplished and genuinely humble man,” said Brian Peters, President and Chief Executive Officer of MD Financial Management (MD). “Almost everyone who met him felt the warmth of his caring nature and generosity. MD was fortunate to have benefitted from his skills, deep expertise, and willingness to coach and encourage MD staff and his fellow Directors. His passing is a loss to the CMA family, and a reminder of the positive effect one person can have on the people around them.”

Dr. Evans was a pioneer, in Canada and on the global stage, in the fields of public health, higher education and innovation. He was also the founder and chairman of the MaRS Discovery District, a not-for-profit corporation that aims to commercialize publicly funded medical research and other technologies with the help of local private enterprises.

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