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Market Watch Podcasts

Here at MD Financial Management, we’re about helping Canadian physicians and their families achieve their financial goals. Part of this is investment strategy and portfolio management.

Want the latest information about current market events and developments? MD Fund and Portfolio updates? And where we think things are headed? Our expert contributors break it down and give you all the info that you’ll need.

Listen to the MD Market Watch Podcast here or through your favourite podcast provider.



Ep.12: Craig Maddock and Ian Taylor recap 2020 and look forward optimistically into 2021 – markets, the global economy, MD Portfolios, and more.


Ep. 11: Jean-Francois Bordeleau and Mark Fairbairn discuss socially responsible investing – it’s history, the current environment and MD’s approach.



Special episode: U.S. election discussion – What could happen and what does it mean for you? Julie Petrera and Jean-Francois Bordeleau discuss the U.S. election – What could happen and what does it mean for you?



Ep 9: Craig Maddock and Ian Taylor recap the third quarter of 2020 – the ongoing economic and stock market recovery, the impact to MD funds and portfolios, and expectations for what’s ahead.



Ep 8: Edward Golding discusses the MD Platinum Global Private Equity Pool – how it has performed, how the pandemic has impacted the asset class, and why its still a unique investment opportunity.



Ep 7: Craig Maddock and Ian Taylor recap the second quarter of 2020 – the impact of re-opening economies, a sharp stock market rebound, and expectations for what’s ahead.



Ep 6: Wesley Blight explains bond yields. What it is, how it’s related to other important economic variables, and why it matters today.



Ep 5: Ian Taylor provides an update on the U.S.-China relationship, why it’s important, why it’s complicated, and expectations going forward.



Ep 4: Mark Fairbairn explains value and growth investing styles. What exactly are these investment styles, which is better, and why is it so important today?



Ep 3: Ed Golding explains quantitative easing as it’s being actioned to support global markets during the COVID-19 pandemic. What exactly is it, how it works, and why it’s so important?




Ep 2: Craig Maddock and Ian Taylor recap the first quarter of 2020, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, MD Portfolio performance and expectations for what’s ahead.



Ep 1: Craig Maddock, VP and Senior Portfolio Manager at MD Financial Management provides a look into current market conditions, MD’s outlook, and what MD is doing to protect client portfolios.



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