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  • Why you may want to diversify with emerging market equities

    Why you may want to diversify with emerging market equities

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  • Things to ask before you invest

    Things to ask before you invest

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  • Biting into Apple’s new iPhones and why we’re still underweight

    Biting into Apple’s new iPhones and why we’re still underweight

    Investors and enthusiasts alike watched closely as Apple unveiled its latest iPhones. MD Financial Management takes a closer look at Apple’s business and future prospects.

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  • Opa! Greece declares financial independence

    Opa! Greece declares financial independence

    Greece finally ends its bailout, symbolizing the end of the European debt crisis. Things are improving but issues like ongoing austerity measures, debt repayment and unemployment still linger.

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  • What Kind of MD Investor are You?

    What Kind of MD Investor are You?

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  • MD Financial Management Announces MD Platinum™

    MD Platinum™ is an exclusive new opportunity for MD Private Investment Counsel clients. The MD Platinum Global Private Equity Pool offers private equity investments with a low minimum investment.

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  • Advice or Online Brokerage? Why Not Both?

    Many physicians want to manage their own investments using an online discount brokerage account. Here’s what to expect and why financial advice and financial advisors still matter.

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  • Should you rent or buy your home?

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  • Staying in Control: Emotional Investing

    Market volatility can make us feel uncomfortable, which may cloud our investment decisions. Here are some common investing pitfalls that are driven by emotion, and ways to avoid them.

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  • Alternative Investments Explained

    Alternative assets may include investments such as private equity, commodities such as gold, infrastructure, real estate, and artwork. They often contribute to better portfolio diversification.

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  • TFSAs: Tackling Your Most Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are the most commonly asked or frequently asked questions about tax-free savings accounts (TFSA). How to open a TFSA, what to hold in a TFSA, withdrawing from a TFSA.

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  • Mindfulness Techniques to Help Physicians De-Stress

    Mindfulness Techniques to Help Physicians De-Stress

    Are you overwhelmed, stressed, or distracted by thoughts of the past or the future? Mindfulness can help to re-focus you on the present moment and bring a sense of calm to your mood.

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  • Three Things You Should Know About RESPs

    A post-secondary education is an important asset for participating in a modern economy, but getting one can be expensive. When you add up the costs of tuition, school-related fees, books,...

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  • Investing Is Easy—Until It’s Not

    Fintech has made DIY (do-it-yourself) investing easy. You can trade directly or use robo-advisors. But here are the reasons and research why financial advisors are worth the cost.

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  • What to Expect From a Robo-Advisor

    Robo-advisors are the middle ground between direct investing with no service and complete service with a financial advisor. Here’s everything you need to know about robo-advisors.

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  • Can a young physician start a family and avoid debt?

    Dr. B, a 29-year-old family physician in Quebec, worries about balancing maternity leave with her financial goals.

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  • When is the right time to retire?

    How One Physician is Transitioning to Retirement. Dr. C, a 62-year-old family physician, the answer may be: not yet.

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  • Is incorporation the right choice?

    Dr. A, a 37-year-old family physician in Toronto, wonders whether incorporation is a worthwhile strategy.

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  • No More Income Sprinkling? Other Ways to Split Income

    No More Income Sprinkling? Other Ways to Split Income

    New reasonableness tests will constrain or eliminate income sprinkling for incorporated physicians. Here are some other eincome-splitting strategies to consider to reduce taxes or save for retirement.

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  • RRSPs and TFSAs in Action: Case Studies at Different Life Stages

    These case studies look at how you can effectively use RRSPs and TFSAs to maximize benefits by looking at key factors such as age, career stage of physicians or specific financial goals.

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  • 10 Tax Tips for Physicians for the 2017 Tax Year

    As a physician, one of the most significant expenses you will incur during your career is tax—specifically, federal and provincial income taxes. That’s why it makes sense to minimize your taxes...

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