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Holiday reading list: Our most popular blog posts of 2018


2018 has seen its share of stories that grabbed our attention, including climate changetrade tariffsnew tax rules for private corporations, and even the rise of robo-advisors. Through it all, MD's editorial team has delighted in reporting on a wide range of market and personal finance stories that matter to Canadian physicians.

From the experts and writers at MD, thank you for following along with us, as we've shared our analysis. We're taking a pause for the holidays, and we'll be back in early January with our market outlook for 2019.

In the meantime, we've gathered a handful of posts that drew more interest than all the others this year, and are still worth a read, if we do say so ourselves.

Enjoy the look back, and best wishes for the holiday season to you and yours.

Our top five blog posts of 2018

1. The same trusted MD Financial Management

The change of ownership of MD announced this spring was one of the biggest topics of conversation in 2018—not just for clients, but also for staff. It's no surprise that the most read blog post of the year was by MD's President and CEO Brian Peters. He explains how we will remain independent and continue to operate with physicians at the heart of every decision.

2. G7 Aftermath: G6 + 1

In June, President Trump attended the G7 summit in Canada and berated our Prime Minister as “meek" for speaking out against U.S. tariffs on steel and aluminum. These events led Ian Taylor of our Investment Management and Strategy team to analyze the effects of a growing trade dispute on portfolios, and how we've positioned for it.

3. Reminder: Market volatility is normal

Another day, another wild market swing. In October, Marija Majdoub shared her view of what's really stirring global stock markets—and it's not what you may think. As Vice President of our Investment Management and Strategy team, she reminds us that market volatility is a normal part of investing, and a sign of a healthy market that creates investment opportunities.

4. A smart practice: Splitting income to keep more of your money

Want to know how to keep your tax rate lower? So did the many viewers who clicked through to this must-read financial guide as we approached the end of the 2018 tax year. Julie Seberras, our Financial Planning Lead, runs the numbers of how much you could save, using practical examples, in this November blog post.

5. Biting into Apple's new iPhones and why we're still underweight

Go ahead: splurge on that cool new Apple gadget over the holidays. But when it comes to your portfolio, Craig Maddock, Vice President of the Investment Management and Strategy team, got readers' interest with his insight of how we view Apple stock and its bottom line.