• How to Prioritize Your Goals

    Residency: you’ve accomplished so much to get to this stage. As you approach the end of your medical training, you’re probably thinking about all the things you need to do, including setting up...

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  • How Medical Residents Can Develop Good Financial Habits

    If you are a medical resident in debt, should you start saving and investing? Here’s why you need to understand your debt and cash flow and set up a savings and investment plan.

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  • Reducing Your Debt: Key Questions and Answers

    What are some tips for reducing your debt? Learn more about debt consolidation, credit reports, credit history, credit scores and whether you should pay off debt or invest.

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  • 5 Tips for Reducing Your Travel Costs

    Medical school can be expensive for many students, so it’s wise to manage your expenses and cut costs where you can, including travelling costs. Whether you are going to see family or friends,...

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  • Should you rent or buy your home?

    Find out
  • How One Physician Used Her Locum Experiences to Get a Financial Head Start

    A locum tenens is an ideal way to gain experience in a variety of settings while giving yourself a financial head start, but it also comes with some unique financial challenges.

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  • RRSPs and TFSAs in Action: Case Studies at Different Life Stages

    These case studies look at how you can effectively use RRSPs and TFSAs to maximize benefits by looking at key factors such as age, career stage of physicians or specific financial goals.

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  • Starting Your Residency1:54

    Starting Your Residency

    Budgeting, paying down debt, and preparing for the future. Starting residency is an exciting time in your life. You have goals -- like starting your medical practice, getting married, maybe buying yo

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  • Borrowing: How interest rates work1:40

    Borrowing: How interest rates work

    Henry Annan, a final year medical student at Dalhousie University, talks with Leah Aulenbach, financial consultant with MD Management Ltd. about the impact of rising interest rates and when you need t

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  • Federal Budget’s New Proposed Rules: A Primer for Medical Residents

    Federal Budget’s New Proposed Rules: A Primer for Medical Residents

    This primer will help you grasp the basics behind incorporating a medical practice and understand how the proposed tax changes in the 2018 federal budget could affect you in the future.

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  • 4 financial challenges facing medical residents

    4 financial challenges facing medical residents

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  • One Resident’s Plan to Get Financially Fit

    When Dr. Sarah Liu (not her real name), 26, graduated from the School of Medicine at Queen’s University in 2016, she was shocked to find her debt had grown to $100,000. While this was in line with...

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  • Student loans or lines of credit: what’s the difference?1:31

    Student loans or lines of credit: what’s the difference?

    Henry Annan, a final year medical student at Dalhousie University, talks with Leah Aulenbach, financial consultant with MD Management Ltd. about the differences between a student loan and a line of cr

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  • New Mortgage Rules Reduce What You Can Borrow

    New Mortgage Rules Reduce What You Can Borrow

    The federal government has been tightening mortgage rules to try to limit how much debt Canadians take on. Learn more about how the new mortgage stress test may affect how much you can borrow.

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  • Can a young physician start a family and avoid debt?

    Dr. B, a 29-year-old family physician in Quebec, worries about balancing maternity leave with her financial goals.

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  • What Young Physicians Are Asking About Private Corporations

    Medical students, residents and new physicians are closely watching the private corporation issue and wondering about its impact on their future career. Since the federal government proposed tax...

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  • Starting Your Practice1:47

    Starting Your Practice

    Getting insurance, saving for family, and making big financial decisions. Your medical practice is off to a great start, you’re married, and you may have even bought your first home. Now what? Maybe

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  • Three Essential Types of Insurance for New Physicians

    As a physician starting your career, you may have insurance needs that are higher than those of other Canadians your age. After all, your ability to earn an income is one of your most valuable...

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  • Tips for Negotiating Your First Salary

    Medical residents across Canada know exactly what they can make—and what their peers are making. Salaries are set out by collective agreements between provincial resident associations and...

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  • Do Young Physicians Need an Estate Plan?

    To most young adults starting out in their careers, estate planning seems like something for much older and much wealthier people. But even if you don’t have a long list of potential heirs or much...

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  • Why Medical Residents Need A Financial Strategy

    Is there any value in developing a financial strategy if you have very little money or if you’re in debt from medical school? The answer is yes. At any stage in your life, there are things you can...

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