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What advice would you give to a new medical student?

While at the Canadian Federation of Medical Students Spring General Meeting, we asked current medical students what advice they would give to new students as they begin their journey?


What advice would you give to a medical student now?

Well when I got into medical school, I kind of had an impostor syndrome.

I felt that I needed to do a bunch of different activities and get involved in a lot of things that weren't really sparking my passions.

So, I definitely say stick to what you're passionate about.

For the new medical students, I really challenge you to embrace your naivete.

We need you. We need your fresh ideas.

The advice I would give is that you got accepted to medical school for a reason.

So whatever qualities make you unique and whatever makes you happy now, just continue that through medicine and use that to make you the best physician ever.

Reflect on the things that keep you grounded.

Reflect on what brought you here, why you came here and how you go here, who helped bring you here then keep those things really close so that when you're feeling stressed or you're kind of at a crossroads, you can go back to that and just know what's important to you

Remember why you did this.

I think we go into medical school so idealistic and wanting to change the world and I think that over time you can get a little bit jaded.

Don't worry about like [the] little stuff that stresses you along the way because there's gonna be a pile of stuff and you have to just accept it and roll with it and it's much easier if you're just real with yourself and accept that that's the way it is.

Get involved.

I find that that pays off more in the long run than just getting a couple percentages more in your test.

Get involved with your school as much as you can.

Find something you're interested in and through your involvement you'll meet such amazing people around you that can inspire you and these people will be your colleagues down the road.

Remember compassion and not only compassion for the patients you will be serving currently and, in the future, but also for other health professionals, for our peers, for other medical learners and for his staff physicians.

The only way that you'll be able to care for your patients really well is if you yourself are well taken care of.

So, don't forget to do that in medical school.

Make sure that you are healthy and you're happy because if you are - your patients will be happy.

Those in your life will be happy and the work that we'll be doing and your experiences with med school will be more fulfilling and [more] positive than negative.