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Who was the first person you told when you got your medical school acceptance letter?

While at the Canadian Federation of Medical Students Spring General Meeting, we asked current medical students who was the first person they told when they found out they got into medical school?


Who is the first person you told when you got your medical school acceptance letter?

When I first got the letter, the first people I told were my roommates.

I kind of ran around my apartment screaming and then I called my mother.

It was just like I saw the email on my phone.

I jumped up and down and then I immediately called my mom.

And it was funny because when I called her, she said "Oh, like you got in didn't you?"

And I was like "How did you know? Like how did you even know what I'm calling you for?"

And she's like "You don't normally ever call me." So like - that was kind of sad.

My mom. I called her and I said I found out and then I had to tell her specifically not to tell my dad cuz I wanted to tell my dad.

I told my family - my parent, my brother and sister.

My dad and brother were going to school and work respectively in the morning, and right after they left, I got the first email.

And I called them right away, so they were in the car and they were the first individuals that I shared the news with.

And I was just really excited and screaming into the Bluetooth so were like "Yeah!"

It was my Mom. I stepped out of the lab where I was working really briefly and gave her the phone call and we were both kind of overjoyed and in tears over the news.

It was my parents. I was staying at my parents’ house just to make sure I had the support there.

I called my mom right away.

Both of my parents have been such big supports.

I told my mom, pretty much because she was at home - that's the main thing.

My brother was the only one who was home and he obviously heard me screaming.

He thought I was sleeping and then he just heard me screaming from my room.

So, he comes in, he's like "What's wrong?"

So I shared the news with him and then afterwards we ended up calling my mom and dad on each of our phones and then we were all talking and my dads like "I'm taking a day off today" and everyone came home.