Q2 Investment Highlights April - June 2016

July 25, 2016
Would they or wouldn’t they? That was the big question on investors’ minds as a result of Brexit and whether the U.K. would decide to leave the European Union. Markets were certainly volatile leading up to the decision, but with a specific date for the referendum, there was a unique situation: MD could plan, look at and test its positioning in real-time against an event that could impact our clients’ portfolios. In this latest investment highlights video, J. Craig Maddock, Vice President Investment Management and Strategy discusses how MD client portfolios were positioned before and after the Brexit decision, and reviews second quarter performance with Mike Gassewitz, Executive Vice President, Member Solutions.
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MD Financial Management Q4 Investment Highlights:
MD Financial Management Q4 Investment Highlights:

2016 was, for all intent and purpose, not a typical year for political and market events. Yet despite all t...

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