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A conversation with Dr. Colin Saldanha

MD Signature is one of those unique programmes for financial planning assistance that rivals many others. It looks at what my priorities are, what my goals are, what my expectations are, it talks about what the deliverables are. This is comprehensive. As a busy physician, I do not have the time to look and hunt around for all these services. I know MD Signature is a credible service, and I depend on them to get my work done. And at the end of the day, my wife and myself feel so reassured that the service we get is top notch. And top notch not only by a verbal sense and verbal communication, but a peace of mind and results prove it abundantly in our case.

Having said that, we have an opportunity that comparing MD Signature events and the work done by my financial advisor and an outside investment firm. And we do do this comparison. And that's a healthy comparison for me as a consumer because I see the difference between what MD can deliver through constant consultation and perhaps more importantly, MD understands my family's needs and delivers on those needs.