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A conversation with the McGillivrays

Dr. Dan McGillivray: MD Signature really came along for us at the right time, I was at a point in my career where I felt like, I needed the whole picture retirement was on the horizon and I had to start thinking about that. We got together and we met with our financial advisor, Paolo.

Louise McGillivray: Dan's Corporation recently underwent a reorganization and the proposed concept which was presented to us by our accountant, and our lawyer, frankly, was too complex for us to navigate on our own. So, Paolo arranged for the MD Signature team to meet with our lawyer, and accountant. And then after doing their own analysis, the signature team met with us, and they provided us with a good understanding of what was being proposed. And they also confirmed that they supported this reorganization.

Dr. Dan McGillivray: We were very impressed with how well everybody worked together. And as Louise said, it just gave us great confidence to know that everybody was on the same team and rowing in the same direction.

Louise McGillivray: Having a team of experts from an estate planner to an insurance advisor, the lawyer from the MD Signature team, a financial analyst, they provide every service, we don't have to go anywhere else. And that is greatly beneficial. We just have to deal with one, one person.

Dr. Dan McGillivray: It's one stop shopping, we can go one place, and someone knows the whole picture. And we have access to the other experts if needed. I have no reservations; I would highly recommend it. We've been very happy with MD Signature ever since.