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MD Signature

Simplify your financial affairs so you have more time and freedom — to focus on the things that matter most to you.

Whatever values and goals you have in life, MD Signature will help you get there — it’s that simple.

As you progress through your medical career, your wealth grows — and so do the complexities of managing your finances. Our physician clients have told us how overwhelming those complexities can become.

That's why MD Financial Management has created an exclusive service just for you: MD Signature Private Wealth Management.

MD Signature offers you an elevated level of comprehensive advice, personalized planning and simplified solutions designed to meet the evolving needs of successful physicians like you.

Exclusive access to a wealth of experience in investment strategy, estate and trust, insurance, incorporation, and tax. All seamlessly coordinated by your trusted MD Signature Advisor.

Experience an enhanced level of advice along with access to specialized tools designed to explore your values and reach your goals at every stage of your life and career.

Enjoy simplified solutions and customized services for all your financial affairs. Your benefits include tiered pricing, a dedicated Scotia Wealth Management® Private Banker invitations to exclusive events and more.

All of this, delivered to you by a team that has extensive experience with complex financial situations like yours and can provide solutions tailored to your needs.

Physicians choose to work with MD because we understand the unique needs of physicians and their families better than anyone else. It's something you won’t find at any other Canadian financial institution. MD Signature takes all this to a whole new level. For you.

Explore MD Signature today. Simplify your life. Unleash your potential.