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Investing 101 – Deciding how you want to invest


Hey there. Welcome to MD’s Investing 101 series. These short videos are designed to help investment beginners better understand the basics of investing.

After you’ve defined your financial goals, the next step is to decide how involved you would like to be in the management of your investments.

When it comes to investing, some people like to take a hands-on approach, and some are content to sit back and let an expert make the decisions. At MD, we know that everyone is different, which is why we offer a variety of ways for our clients to invest.

You use an online platform based on Canada’s top ranked online broker, Qtrade. It’s easy to use and lets you buy, sell and research your trades.

MD ExO Direct is a digital investment platform that automates the investment management process. You start with a questionnaire. Based on your financial situation and goals, MD ExO Direct will recommend an investment portfolio.

MD ExO Direct manages the day-to-day decisions, such as tactical portfolio adjustments and automatic rebalancing, so you don’t have to.

You also get online and telephone access to a dedicated advisory team whenever you need support.

If you want to work directly with a professional, MD Plus provides face-to-face advice from a MD Advisor. Through an ongoing relationship with an MD Advisor, you will benefit from personalized investment advice and comprehensive wealth management, as well as enhanced advice on more investment options to meet your financial needs.

You also have the option to delegate all investment decisions to an expert portfolio manager through MD Private Investment Council. Your MDPIC Portfolio Manager is dedicated to your goals and needs.

You’ll get exclusive access to advanced investment solutions as well as financial planning, insurance, estate and trust planning. Banking, borrowing and incorporation guidance are also available.

Whatever your financial goals, and whether you like to do things yourself or with an advisor, the MD Financial Suite offers a range of solutions to help you meet your goals, your way.

For more information about defining financial goals, choosing how to invest, or the MD Financial Suite, please contact an MD Advisor. He or she will be happy to answer any questions and tell you more.