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MD Advisors Are Here for You, Today and Always - Elizabeth Giami

MD has always been the right financial firm for physicians and physician-centred advice. The MD Advisors you’ve always trusted—the people who know physicians and their finances best—are still here and are not going anywhere.


Physician-focused objective advice

My name is Elizabeth Giami.

Elizabeth Giami, Insurance Consultant, MD Insurance Agency Limited

I’ve been an insurance specialist for the greater Quebec City region for nearly 15 years now.

And I love my job.

I like that, as a team, we find solutions and we work together to find solutions for the client.

Because what I’ve noticed is that everyone knows the client a little differently.

So, together we can build highly personalized solutions.

Insurance is inherently something that a lot of people don’t like to talk about.

But because there’s already an element of trust, because I’m able to describe what I’m doing in understandable terms

And you can feel that during the meeting.

My clients would probably say that they trust me, that they finally understand the insurance product.

And I would say they found it kind of fun in the end.

Maybe I just hope they’d say that, but I do think they find it easier than they expected to.

I’ve realized that it’s rarely ever about business. It’s rarely about investment or products.

Often, if not always, it’s about relationships and building connections with the client.

MD will always be a specialized resource for physicians.

I believe that our company will only become stronger and better in the future.