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MD Advisors Are Here for You, Today and Always - Suzanne Verreault & Joanne Paquin

MD has always been the right financial firm for physicians and physician-centred advice. The MD Advisors you’ve always trusted—the people who know physicians and their finances best—are still here and are not going anywhere.


Physician-focused objective advice

[Suzanne Verreault] I really help people,

Johanne Paquin

Regional Administrative Assistant, MD Management Limited

Suzanne Verreault

Senior Financial Consultant, MD Management Limited

and sometimes I see they have concerns—about the markets, money, their family, things like that.

And when I see I can truly help them, that’s why I do what I do.

[Johanne Paquin] Working with Suzanne is a dream.

Because I hear clients say, “Suzanne makes finances accessible,” all the time when they come out of their meetings.

Clients come to reception, we check them in, they’re worried, they have questions: Is my retirement plan on track? Can I make a special purchase?

And they go into their meeting, and something magical happens, because I sometimes even hear them laughing from the front desk. And I think, “I didn’t know finances were so funny.”

And when the clients leave, they’re not the same people who came into the office.

[SV] Yes …

[JP]… we both do good work, and we’re both always in a good mood.

[SV] Yes! We love what we do.

[JP] Exactly.

[SV] One memorable experience I had a few years ago was when a number of physicians passed away in the same year. I met with many of their spouses, who were going through a tough time.

So with MD, we organized a meeting so they could talk about it together and find help, find resources.

I had several clients approach me after that meeting.

A number of them told me I had really helped them out of their depression. It was nice to know that they weren’t alone, that other people were going through the same thing.

[JP] Our knowledge of physicians, what they do, what their lives are like, has always been there and will always be there.

[SV] We’re always there, the team is there, and we’re always paid a salary.

We’re there for physicians and their families.

The financial health of physicians is our business, now and in the future.